InkPower has been producing reliable Catridges and Toners that have been sold in their millions. Our cartridges and toners are produced under rigorious ISO 9001 quality management system and every cartridge and toner is tested before it leaves the factory. The dyes and pigments used in InkPower toners and cartridges are specifically tailored to each printer to ensure the highest quality print with the maximum longevity possible.

Established in 2010, SuperSecure manufactures high quality, professional tapes using State of the Art Technology, we provide outstanding performance in our General Purpose and Custom Printed Tapes.

With our well-equipped team and with expedited advice on your packaging Tape requirements, we will help you find the best solution for your packaging tape in your business. Whether you are Purchasing Clear and Buff Tapes, or branding your Logo on Custom Printed Tapes, SuperSecure is your partner in this endeavor and we can’t wait to help you get started.

We’re your packaging tape partner after all…

Every Successful Business needs quality printing paper. You’ll never forget a first class print with Target Paper, discover the premium quality, perfect whiteness, excellent office paper. Guaranteed to deliver excellent results in all your documents.

Specifically developed to allow double-sided use, without show-through. Improved Thickness and Stiffness for better performance. Suitable for all Office Equipment such as copy and laser machines.

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